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KoTC Optimized Auto Scaling Minimap Basic [Free]
KoTC Optimized Auto Scaling Minimap Advanced [Premium]
KoTC Optimized Pathfinding System [Premium]
KoTC Basic Optimized Roguelike Line of Sight [Free]
KoTC Optimized Basic Onscreen Waypoint System [Free]
KoTC Optimized Advanced Onscreen Waypoint System [Premium]
KoTC Optimized Dynamic Music System [Free]

KoTC Roguelike Visual Loot Drop System [Premium]

KoTC Map Book Major Feature update!


Screenshots and videos taken while using random maps generated by:
RPGMaker Random Maps during Playtime
Tested and working with the 3D environment of :

Current Plugin Description:
A straight forward, optimized minimap plugin for RPG Maker MV and MZ, made during development of Knight of the Celestial, along with more advanced features.

Advanced Features:
-Map Book of every map you've been too, as well as the explored areas if Exploration Mode is on.
-Picture Map Mode, builds a detailed picture of the map for use as the minimap.
-Option to Draw Parallax in the place of the background color.
-Auto Terrain Map Mode: based on users tilesets.
-More ways of displaying icons on events such as Dots, Square, and even the events own texture.
-Exploration Map Mode, map is drawn as you explore it, and is memorized for when you return to it.

!Important to Know About Terrain Map Mode!
If you use Terrain Map mode, initial load can take a couple minutes or so depending on how many tilesets there are, but Only on First load, all future loads are fast as normal, for all your tilesets are cached in the Data folder in a text file called ColorStorageRepository.txt, you must  delete this if you change your tilesets in any way for accurate colors.

-Hotkey setting for enlarging map temporarily.
-Hotkey setting for toggling Player Follow Mode.
-Full collision map, adaptable even to randomized terrain.
-Default color control of the background, collision map, player, and border. -Configurable minimap size, automatically scales any map icons, as well as the minimap to fit the chosen size in pixels, whether its too big or too small. -Commands to change colors and size during the game.
-Setting icons on events through their notes referencing pictures in the pictures folder.
-Setting icons on events through their current pages comments.
-Setting visibility distance for minimap icons if one wishes to do so.

-Player location and current directional facing..  

  • Instructions for usage: 1- Download and extract straight into your RPG Maker Project folder.
  • 2-Add to the active plugins list of your project, set its parameters as you wish.
  • If all you need is a collision map, then you are done, otherwise read on.
  • 3-If you wish to show particular events on the minimap, you make a picture of their icon as you wish to show it on the minimap, 32x32 is a good minimum size, and this picture must be in the img/pictures folder.
  • 4-Then you go to the notes of the event or events you wish to be visible on the map and you type:
  • <KoTC Minimap: PictureNameHere>
  • Example: <KoTC Minimap: Goblin>
  • It is case sensitive, use no spaces in your picture name for usage. Like if your picture were named Deadly Dwarf.png, you would rename it to DeadlyDwarf.png, and type in the note of your event:
  • <KoTC Minimap: DeadlyDwarf>
  •  The script will pick it up automatically and show it on the minimap, scaling its size up or down depending on how big the map is.

  >>> Advanced Minimap Notes <<< 
 Works for page comments as well, exact same format.  If page changes, and the new page has a minimap comment, it will adapt to the new pages comment setup. If the new page has no comment, the event will be removed from the minimap.

 Do not use both Event Notes, and Page Comments for this at the sam  time, only one is needed. If an event is erased, it will be removed from the minimap. 

 Range Limit Example: <KoTC Minimap 10>
  Example: <KoTC Minimap>

  Typing this into an events notes will use its current texture as the minimap icon.

 Range Limit Example: <KoTC Minimap Dot: #FFFF00 10>
Example: <KoTC Minimap Dot: green> 
Example: <KoTC Minimap Dot: red>

 Typing this into an events notes will use a circle as its minimap icon. color.

Range Limit Example: <KoTC Minimap Square: red 10> 
Example: <KoTC Minimap Square: #00FF00>  
 Example: <KoTC Minimap Square: red>

 Typing this into an events notes will use a square as its minimap icon.

>>> Plugin Commands and Script Calls <<<

Plugin Command: KoTCMinimapOff
Script Call: KoTCMinimapOff();
-Disables the minimap.

Plugin Command: KoTCMinimapOn
Script Call: KoTCMinimapOn();
-Enables the minimap.

Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapWallColor
Script Call: KoTCMinimapSetWallColor(wallcolor)

-Sets the collision map color of the minimap.
-Doesnt matter if you are using the Terrain map.

Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapWallColor red
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapWallColor blue
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapWallColor #FF0000
Example Script Call:    KoTCMinimapSetWallColor("green")

Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBackgroundColor
Script Call: KoTCMinimapSetBackgroundColor(backgroundcolor)
-Sets the background color of the minimap.
-When Terrain map is enabled, only applies to empty tiles,
such as the ones used for parallax.

Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBackgroundColor red
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBackgroundColor blue
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBackgroundColor #FF0000
Example Script Call:    KoTCMinimapSetBackgroundColor("yellow")

Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBorderColor
Script Call: KoTCMinimapSetBorderColor(bordercolor)
-Sets the border color of the minimap.

Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBorderColor red
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBorderColor blue
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapBorderColor #FF0000
Example Script Call:    KoTCMinimapSetBorderColor("cyan")

Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapPlayerColor
Script Call: KoTCMinimapSetPlayerColor(playercolor)

!Important! If you ever change the color of other things at the same time
as this, make sure this plugin command or script call is first in the order.

-Sets the player color of the minimap.
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapPlayerColor red
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapPlayerColor blue
Example Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapPlayerColor #FF0000
Example Script Call:    KoTCMinimapSetPlayerColor("cyan")

Plugin Command: SetKoTCMinimapSize
Script Call: KoTCMinimapSetSize(size)

-Sets the size of the minimap. 150 = 150 pixels in width and height.

 * >>> Map Book Plugin Commands <<<

 If you want a map to have a description in the map book you put in the maps notes:

<KoTC Map Description 1:  This is a map!>

<KoTC Map Description 2:  This is a map!>

<KoTC Map Description 3:  This is a map!>

<KoTC Map Description 4:  This is a map!>

Each note represents one line of the Description, up to a total of 4.

 * Plugin Command: KoTCOpenMapBook         Opens up the mapbook for usage.
 * Script Call: SceneManager.push(Scene_KoTCMapBook);


 * Plugin Command: KoTCMapBookClear        Clears the mapbook of all entries.
 * Script Call: clearKoTCMapBook()          


 * Plugin Command: KoTCRemoveMapToMapBook 5  Removes the MAPID 5 from the mapbook.
 * Script Call: kotcAddMapToBook(5)


 * Plugin Command: KoTCAddMapToMapBook 7    Adds the MAPID 7 to the mapbook.
 *Script Call: kotcRemoveMapFromBook(7)

  Scene name is :   Scene_KoTCMapBook 

Terms of Usage: Paid to use for commercial and non commercial use as long as you credit me, and do not redistribute the script. If you were to make a game commercially with my script id appreciate it if you messaged me about it.

Change Log:
V 1.63 Added Player Follow Mode, and Large Map Toggle. Fixed Bugs!
V 1.6 Page Comments can be used for map icons now for more control.
Erased events now correctly stop being visible on the minimap.
V1.54 Fixed many more bugs, fixed Off and On commands.
V 1.53 Fixed bugs interfering with common events and other things.
V 1.52 Fixed deployment save issue.
V 1.51 Removed forgotten console logs for better performance.
V 1.5 Major Update - Book of Visited Maps
V 1.43 Fixed Name Input Processing crash after inputting name!
V 1.42 Fixed Exploration Map Mode Issues while disabled, and fixed icons being too small when the map is huge!
V 1.41 Fixed MZ After battle error.
V 1.4 Smoothed out map transitions, fixed bugs, better performance.
V 1.34 Fixed false message in MZ Plugin manager.
V 1.33 Fixed Picture Mode to work with MZ!
V 1.3
Added the option to use Picture Map Mode, allows highly detailed pictures of the users map to automatically used for the map.
Added the option to make the Parallax visible in the place of the background color if one wishes.
Smoothed out the fog of war system.

Fixed X Y Coordinates for minimap positioning.
Fixed other minor issues.

V 1.21 More optimizations, fixed both MZ and MV bugs.
V1.2 Fixed an MZ issue.

V1: Released

If  there are any suggestions or anything you need to know or report, make a comment, I actively check them.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this RPG Maker MV/MZ Script you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

KoTC Advanced Minimap V1.73.rar 30 kB

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(2 edits)

This thing crashes every time I enter a different map. What's the fix to that? Also when I set a map Icon for a shop or something when I enter the shop and come back to the map the icon is gone. Not sure how to fix that either. Latest MZ version

I just discovered that the error is in Picture Mode. What happens is that the maps take a long time to load, while the screen remains frozen in black and as it takes a long time to load, sometimes the game closes with error codes of "ERROR, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properaty '45' of undefined" and other numbers.

Hello very good morning. I just bought the advanced plugin and I am very happy. However I have experienced a bug. On less important maps I disable the plugin by a command and re-enable it on large maps. However in the minimap book I get an error, even if I remove the maps where the plugin was disabled. You would do me a big favor if you would tell me how to solve this problem, because with that plugin function it would give me solution to many things in my game that I have pending in my game. Thank you.

What I want is to show in the map book only the maps that have the map object. And if it is not, simply that it does not appear. I put this code in a common event that calls the maps menu option, and it gives that error. I have tried everything. 

The maps that I remove, are the ones that do not have the minimap enabled, because they are too small or I am not interested in making them available yet.

(4 edits) (-1)

Hey there. New buyer here, so sorry if anything I mention was explained elsewhere.

I'm using MZ3D, and thus tiles are not exactly how they appear in the editor. Is there a way to set it to use an image instead in Picture Mode?

Speaking of Picture Mode, I noticed that sometimes the upper layers do not appear in picture mode, other times just some of them... If I reload the map it does appear fully. Seems like it takes a bit longer to load when I use MZ3D and thus is only loads a few layers at a time?

Pixel/Terrain Mode is giving an error so I was not able to try it (happens even with this as the only plugin active and even before the title screen opens, by the way, so probably caused by a recent MZ update):

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
    at PopulateTilesetColors (KoTC%20Advanced%20Minimap.js:1574)
    at KoTCMinimapStart (KoTC%20Advanced%20Minimap.js:862)
    at Scene_Boot.initialize (KoTC%20Advanced%20Minimap.js:562)
    at new Scene_Boot (rmmz_scenes.js:256)
    at Function.SceneManager.goto (rmmz_managers.js:2160)
    at Function.SceneManager.run (rmmz_managers.js:1871)
    at Main.onEffekseerLoad (js/main.js:141)
    at _onRuntimeInitialized (effekseer.min.js:33)
    at effekseer.min.js:33
    at Object.Module.onRuntimeInitialized (effekseer.min.js:15)

And Collision Mode... it is probably my fault because I use height differences instead of actual collision, so can't really complain it shows everything as passable (although, for some reason Picture Mode sets the walls as darker as if to show non-passable).

And to finish, sorry if it sounds unreasonable but is there a way to set that minimap size to only affect the bigger map dimension and resize the other proportionally, instead of as it is right now where at least on my test map, everything is shrunk to it and so a long/tall map still becomes a square, in this case of 150px of both width and heigth?
A way to start the game/map without a minimap, or have a check for if it would appear or not (if the player got a map item for example), would also be pretty nice.

(1 edit)

Hello, im using v1.73 of the advanced plugin on MV 1.6.1.

It looks great but i have a big issue. Im in picture mode, first map is working ok but when i transfer to another map it still show the first map.

Any idea how i can fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hello, I like the plugin, but can I replace player indicator with a dot? I replaced "Player.png" but this does not work so well and I cannot find in the code as to why. I also cannot get pixel / terrain mode to work properly, or fog of war, but the latter may be due to my small map size.

(1 edit)

Hey Kaylogan!

I have not tasted with other shapes but if it is the exact same size and file name, then it should work, i will test to see though so i can help resolve any issues you are having :)

What exactly is going wrong when you attempt to use these modes?

Puctures ora little project file can help!

Thank you for reporting the issues you are having.

Hey! Would it be possible to set up event minimap icons with comments instead of the event notes? I'm trying to show/hide event icons depending on if certain switches are active (which change the event's active page). Same question applies to your waypoints plugin.

Good evening Dabby!

That is a good idea and itt would be possible, i will look into and let you know when its updated :)

Appreciate it! Great work btw, This & the waypoints plugins really scratch some itches other similar plugins don't (for MZ).

Hey there Dabby! I recently updated the waypoint system, as well as my map system, all support page comments now with the same format as the map notes, and update as pages update for greater control :)

Just downloaded the plugin, and I’m running into a weird issue. Whenever I use the plugin on setting 0 or 2, there’s this black box covering part of the map. The screenshot is from a brand new project, with no other plugins or content than this one map I drew in 15 seconds and your minimap plugin. Do you have any idea what’s going on? It only seems to happen when the exploration setting is off and the map is bigger than 17x13. I can provide more screenshots if needed.

Also, setting 1 crashes no matter what I do, giving a “TypeError: cannot read property ‘r’ of null” message. I wasn’t planning on using that setting so it’s not a huge deal to me, but I figured I should mention it.

Other than these two things it works great, better than the other plugins I was trying to use for sure.

(1 edit)

Hey there Ninja Monkey! I am sorry you are having issues, I've been unable to reproduce these issues, i have tested on all 3 modes with map exploration mode off, so there must be something more to it! Would be happy to get to the bottom of this asap, thank you for reporting it :)

But 4 more things, you are not running both the Basic and Advanced version at the same time right?

And have you tried deleting the plugin from the active plugins list and re adding it??

And are you using the latest version of RPG Maker MV as in, 1.6 from steam?

Last, if you've already tried those 2 and theres been no change, I'll need you to reproduce that crash error "r of null" and press F8, then take a picture of the top most error / Red Text, in the console, that'll better allow me to track it down!

Howdy Pardner!  Got another one.  When I run with exploration mode disabled, first map draws perfectly (picture mode).  But when I transfer to another map it just shows black as if fog of war was there but never opens up.  Thanks again!  

Hey there! I just now was working on that issue this morning, so your timing is excellent! Thanks again for helping me root out all these issues, the map will be super clean by the time we are done :)
V 1.42 Fixed Exploration Map Mode Issues while disabled, and fixed icons being too small when the map is huge!

awesome, thank you!  Again, this is the best one of these minimap products.  Anything I can do to help you make it awesome, no prob!  

(1 edit)

Hey Buddy!  Sorry to keep bothering you, but I found a bug.  When you exit combat, the plugin throws a _parentID of Null error.  I also think I've seen this error when switching maps, but I can't seem to reproduce it that way.  I've reproduced with no additional plugins and with the standard level 0 and 1 visustella mz ones.  Thanks again, this is legit the best minimap I've used! 

Hello! No bother at all, I am happy to help :) I want everyone to get the best out of my map!
I appreciate your bug reports, I believe I've resolved it in this update.

V 1.41 Fixed MZ After battle error.

Sweet, ill check in a couple hours.  Happy Halloween my friend!

Hi, I just purchased your script because it seemed very good. 

I found out that the code is almost illegible for humans as all variables, functions, array accesses have names like _0x3270ea etc. And ofc it is compressed and if I uncompress it it doesn't work. Is there any possibility I could have the script without compression etc? I'm a programmer and have a lot of code modified, if I have conflicts or want to edit (or fix) the script to fit my needs I cannot do it right now. 

Also when I run the game i get this error:

KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:287 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'undefined' of undefined

    at MapVisionCheck (KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:287)

    at Object.ZFrlq (KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:287)

    at Object.NOWFn (KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:287)

    at KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:287

Maybe it's colliding with other plugins but I cannot read the code comfortably. I'm using MV version


Thank you for your purchase!

I am sorry about the obfuscation, I will keep it un obfuscated for now unless it gets super popular!
I just uploaded a version that is readable.
And it possibly could fix your issue so do test first, I am all for rooting out every bug and maximal compatability :)

Hi again!

I'm very grateful for your response. I'll download the new version and I'll test it out. I'll let you know if I find some trouble again! Also if I do I'll try to fix it myself and if I can, I'll send the fix to you too! :)

thanks again!!

:) You are welcome, I'm happy to help.
I just now updated it again, rooting out further causes, but I appreciate your assistance in hunting it down, Thank you!

Hi again!

Just tested the new update and works perfectly. I've just adjusted some lines to fit into my code but it was not a bug or sth like that, only my own needs :) so thanks for your update on the code, it worked like a charm <3

Have a nice weekend

:) I am pleased to hear your issue is resolved, if you run into anymore do let me know!
I wish you a fine weekend as well!

Is it possible to put the minimap in the lower left corner?

(2 edits)

That it is, just raise the Minimap Y in the paramaters until it is down far enough for your preferences.

It is measuring by pixels. (:

Deleted 1 year ago
(1 edit)

Glad to hear it! I believe that it would be possible :) Ill look into it and ill send another reply after ot is added (:

(1 edit)

Thanks for the reply! I found a workaround, changing the minimap size from a small size/large size will keep the pixel look.

Ran into an issue. Adjusting the X and Y parameters doesn't work. The map disappears or only shows the player icon.

You are welcome! 
Thank you for reporting this issue, I'll be sure and fix that along with the next update that i'm about to deploy .

V1.3 Should have fixed the X and Y problem, as well as smoothing out the fog of war drastically!
Thanks again for reporting the issue.